We made this semi-realistic rig and prop rigs for a Sudafed ad. The character was supposed to look sick and crash a “snowglobe” until returning to their happy, healthy-self. Our friends at Nathan Love are responsible for this ad’s production.
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Client: Sudafed
Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Production Company: Nathan Love
Executive Producer: Jon O’Hara
Producer: Allison Robinson
Executive Creative Director: Joe Burrascano
Director: Anca Risca
Art Director: Tim Probert
TD: Eric Cunha
CG Lead: Elizabeth Ku-Herrero
3D Animation Lead: Tom Shek
2D Animation: Asher Horowitz
Character Modeling: Elizabeth Ku-Herrero
Modeling/Texturing: Elizabeth Ku-Herrero, Jin Fang Jiang, Emily Mai
Rigging: KippCase Rigging Studio
Lighting/Compositing Lead: Jin Fang Jiang
Lighting/Compositing: Emily Mai, Laney Lai
Particle FX: Jeff Dragon
Editorial: Asher Horowitz