A realistic rig of a tortoise nicknamed Gary, that stars in an ad. The client is Homebase, a British improvement retailer and garden center. The character had to be charming and act excited, although looking like a real tortoise. Animation by our friends at Red Knuckles.

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Brand: Homebase
Clients: Lisa Tickle Lindsay Cole
Creative agency: Atomic
Executive creative directors: Dave Henderson, Guy Bradbury
Creatives: Matt Welch Simon Welch
Planner: Steve Hopkins
Lead producer: Raluca Anastasiu
Shoot producer: Ben Catford
Account management: Louise Rudaizky, Lisa Allen-St Hill, Dan Taylor
Design/typography: Pete Mould
Media agency: Havas Media Group
Media planning and buying: Robyn Flowers, Paz Garcia Minaur, Aisha Bright
Directors: Ozzie Pullin, Rick & Mario
Live action producer: Daniel Wheldon
Animation producer: Leo Green
Executive producers: Duncan Gaman, Neil Linpow 
Cinematographer: Carl Burke
Editor: Ben Harrex 
Live action production service company: Robot TV
Animation production: Rick & Mario, Red Knuckles 
Texture artist: Silvia Bartoli 
FX artist: Radu Ciubotariu 
Rigging: KippCase Rigging Studio
Lead animator: Remy Herisse
Animator: Edwin Leeds
Lead lighting artist: Matteo La Motta
Lighting and compositing artists: Clarisse Valeix, Antonio Herrador, JB Aziere 
Compositing artist: Antoine Foulot
Studio producer: Pedro Lino
Studio production manager: Mercedes Vidal 
Post production: Unit
Colourist: Denny Cooper