Plant character rig for our creative production partners at Miagui.
Dirt hand rig made by Danilo Pinheiro

Concepts and development

Directors: Cássio Braga and Carlos Kulpa
Agency: MakeId
Project Manager: Diego Batista
Character Design: Cássio Braga and Daniel Oldenburg
Storyboard: Daniel Oldenburg
Matte Painting: Filipe Heinen
Animation: Jason Tadeu
3D and Lookdev: Fagner Nogueira (Lead), Daíze Cena, Gabriel Souza and Ismael Ramos
FX: Jefferson Dall’est
Character FX: Daíze Cena and Ismael Ramos
Post Production: Rafael Pagini and Douglas Liell
Rigging: KippCase and Danilo Pinheiro
Animatic: Fernando Nectoux​​​​​​​
Sound: Marcelo Giorgetti – MSG Audio Design