Standard rig

Our standard body and facial rig, for cartoon characters.

Not included

  • Movement simulation and dynamics;
  • The complexity of behaviors of characters like the cat / Food Thief;
  • The client provides models for the blendshapes.

Complex rigs

We can quote additional features such as:

  • Movement simulation and dynamics;
  • Complex specific movements;
  • KippCase modeling a pack of blendshapes, with quantity and due dates to discuss.

We do not offer

  • Muscle simulation;
  • Cloth simulation;
  • Motion capture support or compatibility;
  • Real-time (Unity, games).

Support time

Bugs caused by our rigs have unlimited support time, but skinning adjustments, UV, body proportions and model updates from the client are within a discussed support deadline. After the deadline, new prices and schedules will be discussed.